We had a great January meeting with a number of new members. Here are a few topics that were covered:
1. Attendees experiences included the range from successful neobladder surgery to a Ta low grade tumor
2. Alternative medicine for bladder cancer was briefly discussed (we may have a future expert speak on alternative medicine in the future). One member also expressed an interest on covering nutrition in the future
3. Second opinions were again discussed…mentioned was University of Southern California Cancer Center and John Hopkins for Pathology report.
4. Some mentoring was done as well discussion with the RC (urinary diversion) surgery and the lleal conduit option.
5. Dealing with the mental challenges with advanced bladder cancer stages. But positive outcomes with the new immunotherapy drug, Tecentriq.
6. Treatment of BCG immunotherapy drug as a possible alternative to RC surgery with a T1 high grade turmor(s).
7. A physical therapist, Roberta Sterger from Centennial Hospital, gave an outstanding presentation for cancer survivors for part of the meeting.
8. Dr. Lee, faculty member, and some UNLV student nurses attended the meeting (we sincerely appreciate our continuous association with the UNLV School of Nursing).