The February meeting was very informative and supportive. We had around 22 members attending the meeting. We had a couple of new members who brought a family member as well as a friend or two. The attendees widely ranged from a Ta low grade to successful neobladders. It was nice to informally discuss experiences, availability of information, concerns/questions, and mentoring from members who had gone through urinary diversion surgeries –especially from ileal conduit to neobladders. It was very heartwarming to observe emotional support from experienced members to those who were scheduled for various procedures. Lastly, there was discussion on BCG protocol, as well as new drugs for Bladder Cancer. Don’t forget to read and constantly review the latest AUA Guidelines for Bladder Cancer. Lastly, with the growth of membership there is more mentoring during meetings as well as exchanging phone numbers or emails so members can follow-up with questions from experienced members. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERED MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN SERVING (outside of meetings) AS ONE TO ONE MENTORS.

Thanks for Making the Las Vegas Bladder Cancer Support Group a Growing, Strong, Dynamic, and Innovative Organization!